Survival Skills

The Valentine's Day hangover hits all the established couples hard in our podcast on 'Survival Skills'!

You may thing that “Beheading St. Valentine” will save you from any further angst in your relationship. Not in the zip! All the established couples start out cozy with a brunch at the Walsh house at which the reunited Durnings are holding forth about their marriage — until Kelly shows up with a sleeping bag for Steve and makes everyone feel awkward because, you know, she obviously wasn’t invited. Kelly continues whining about Matt to anyone who will listen, which ends up being Dylan and no one else, though she manages to listen to Dylan long enough to hear his yearning for purpose in his life and tries to buy it for him in the form of a vintage T-Bird like the one he used to work on as a kid with the uncle we’ve never heard of before. This makes Gina jealous for rightly assuming Dylan and Kelly are sniffing around each other again, even as she manipulates Noah into telling Donna what happened on the infamous Night Of The Photo Booth — which, after a false start in which he suggests moving in together instead, he does. Donna flees the wreckage of her relationship with Noah to her friendship with David, though maybe “friendship” isn’t actually the right word. Oh AND through all this Lauren and Matt are dealing with the news that if Lauren continues taking clozapine, the (apparently real) wonder drug that brought her back after three years of incapacitation, it will kill her. Meanwhile, Steve and Janet go on a camping trip to have bear STUFF with a couple of disadvantaged teens, who deserve better.