That’s The Guy

Will Season 9 go out with a bang? Find out with our podcast on 'That's The Guy.'

Kelly continues pushing down her anger and fear following her sexual assault, though it apparently helps her cope to keep the gun Dylan gave her in her purse. (And let’s face it: if a mishap took out a Peach Pit After Dark patron, would it really be the worst thing?) At least Dylan and Matt are managing not to hold their pissing contests about which of them is better qualified to help her through this ordeal in her presence. Dylan’s efforts at helping track down Kelly’s assailant are interrupted by his conflicted feelings about the closeness growing between Gina and David, which he handles as expected, which is to say, poorly and immaturely. She doesn’t exactly cover herself with glory either, but she does cover herself with…something! Noah finally figures out that Donna’s hiding something from him and dumps her ass. While she’s ignoring his calls, Wayne makes himself available, and one lobster dinner later, Donna’s putting a third notch on her bedpost. The next morning, she’s barely had a chance to come to terms with the news that Wayne is still leaving town as planned when Noah shows up to discover her with an unbuttoned Wayne and throw a shit fit about it. Finally, learning that the Beat is in the black only revives Janet’s doubts about whether she’s shaming the field of journalism by working there. We’ll take you through all the explosive events of the Season 9 finale in our podcast on “That’s The Guy”!