The Easter Bunny

Donna's not sure she wants Now Wear This to have an online store -- until David hooks her up (in business, and otherwise) with a very persuasive web designer!

Donna is saving tons of money on sales tax by buying fabric and other materials online, but has she ever thought about opening her own website to sell her designs online?! She’s hesitant about the financial outlay not just to promote the store with banners on search engines, but also to…actually manufacture and stock the items they’d be trying to sell. Camille brightly says that’s why Donna shouldn’t even consider spending her own money on any of this stuff, and instead should solicit seed money! It’s a hard no from Donna, which is of course why Camille ignores her and goes straight to Dylan to pitch him on investing in the venture. Donna lets Dylan talk her into pitching her that night, and she does come around (not just to the idea of a website, but also to dating David’s designer friend, Mitch). Meanwhile, David picks a fight with Camille about having gone behind Donna’s back, but is that even what he’s actually mad about? Speaking of mad, Kelly notices that Matt’s been in a crabby mood ever since he got back from that dirt-biking trip with Dylan. When he claims he’s just stressed about work, she wakes up Dylan in the middle of the night to ask him whether anything happened that she should know about. Dylan doesn’t narc on Matt, but does tell Matt about the visit and Kelly’s suspicions. Matt decides to come clean, but when Kelly has one too many questions about the first part of his confession — that he drank acid-spiked punch — he gets way too defensive and decides not to tell her the rest. Will he be able to stop wearing his guilt on his face and get on board with planning the wedding they should definitely still have? Elsewhere, Noah’s attempts to “help” Ellen into a new sober life look a lot like trying to control her, and Steve and Janet’s latest “comedy” plot revolves around a neighbor child’s dead pet — yes, really. No need to dye any eggs to enjoy our in-depth discussion of “The Easter Bunny”!