The Elephant’s Father

Oh, you thought you'd already seen the worst in Brandon? You are like a tiny baby.

Kelly having FINALLY been forced to confront the extremely obvious truth about Brandon and Emma’s “affair” and dumped him hard, the parting of Mr. and Mrs. The Gang has ripple effects on their friends (and poor Janet, who probably thought she’d accepted a job at a professional workplace where people keep their personal shit at home instead of screaming at photocopiers). Val, improbably assigned to atone for her bookmaking by doing community service at the Clinic Clinic, immediately starts seizing every available opportunity to keep Brandon and Kelly apart — and with a new, young doctor having just started his rotation, opportunities are all around her. Donna, reeling from this latest evidence that love isn’t real, vents to Noah and discovers his attitude toward Brandon’s infidelity is that she should just get over it. But Steve doesn’t have much time to devote to the breakup of his best friend and his first love because he’s got his own problems — or, rather, Carly does: her dad has had a heart attack, followed by quadruple bypass surgery, and she feels she needs to go back home to Montana to take care of him. Newly minted music critic David decides he’s done criticizing, and gives himself the assignment of embedding with a local band called Jasper’s Law and doing a story on their rise to prominence — and why not, since he’s equally qualified to do music journalism as he was to do music criticism. We discuss it all in our latest Again With This podcast!