The Final Proof

Shane bets Dylan thinks Noah's life is worth $1 million. Not even Noah thinks it's a bet Shane's going to win.

Since no one would have noticed otherwise, Josie has to come tell Dylan that Shane kidnapped Noah. And since Dylan is an idiot, he decides not to involve the police at all in delivering the full $1 million ransom Shane is demanding and co-operates with Josie in arranging for the handoff, because who could be more trustworthy than the drug dealer whose debt is the reason Shane needs the money in the first place? Donna lingers around the edges as Dr. Martin, freed by Felice’s trip out of town, reaches out to Gina for the first time since Christmas. A dinner date gets awkward, but Gina and Dr. Martin keep trying; she’s even calling him “Dad”! Surely their relationship can only keep getting better for the rest of one of their lives! Donna’s much more involved as Matt signs himself and Kelly up for Lovers’ Lane, a Newlywed Game ripoff with a cash prize of $25,000. Ill-timed food poisoning for Kelly requires a willing second to play her on TV, and STUFF ensues. David has the misfortune of having started dating someone a few days before Valentine’s Day, and gets way too obsessive about making the occasion perfect for Camille — even more so after her ex stalks her to Donna’s store. Join us as we try to figure out “The Final Proof”!