The Fundamental Things Apply

Brandon And Kelly's wedding plans get interrupted by a doctor-turned-cabbie/war widower...OR IS HE???

Since Kelly and Brandon have decided they really are definitely going through with their engagement and will absolutely get married, for sure, they’ve divided up the list of tasks required to plan their wedding. However, questions about the guest list and wedding registry are interspersed with their interactions with Alex, who meets Kelly when he brings to the clinic the woman whose baby he just delivered in his cab. Before seeking refugee status in the U.S., Alex was a doctor in Sarajevo. He hasn’t pursued certification in the U.S. because he’s still grieving the loss of his wife, Katya, in the war — but Brandon, Kelly, and eventually Janet ignore his stated desires and go hard in their investigation of proving to him that Katya is alive and reuniting them. Gwyneth’s determination to pry Noah and Donna apart gets a boost when Noah informs Donna that she’s going to put on a fashion show in two days, and Gwyneth somehow knows instinctively that she should seek Val’s advice on how to use the event to create a wedge. And since David’s just dumped her, Val’s even more eager than usual to blow up her frenemies’ lives. Sarah having ankled the Beat, Steve is free to date her — but he’s not sure he wants to once he finds out she’s still technically married. We take you through “The Fundamental Things Apply” in our latest Again With This podcast!