The Girl Who Cried Wolf

The effects of Val's accusations ripple through the gang. Who behaves appropriately? The answer may surprise you! (Who doesn't behave appropriately is probably exactly as you expect.)

When Val makes a charge of rape against Noah, how do her friends react? Well, inasmuch as they are generally terrible friends to her, they’re pretty much all awful. Kelly is sure Val’s only in it for the payday. Steve ties the incident back to her fake-pregnancy extortion scheme. Brandon’s not sure what to think, but believing a woman isn’t exactly his default position. Donna actually manages to give Valerie the benefit of the doubt, though it’s hard to know whether that’s because every boyfriend she’s ever had has cheated on her, or because of the pills — which Josh is now helpfully supplementing with uppers. Brandon and Steve find time away from Valerie’s legal issues to seek out some of their own — specifically, by asking Steve’s cop friend Tammy and her partner Glen to take them on a ride-along so they can do an extremely biased story about it for the Beat. The experience teaches them the shocking fact that sometimes police officers use excessive force, but not that this is a matter their readers should probably know about. We take you through “The Girl Who Cried Wolf” in our latest podcast!