The Leprechaun

Kelly and Donna clash over who's running the store.

Since Kelly’s extremely awkward relationship with Matt isn’t taking up much of her time, she can seek fulfillment in other areas of her life — like the store! Suddenly remembering that she’s supposed to be in charge of business affairs, she gets the idea of hiring a publicist. Donna gets upset at the idea, nervous that taking any steps to push the business past “good” or fine” will lead to a level of success they can’t rely on? It’s confusing. But Kelly overrules her to throw a (re-)launch party to get press coverage and they both put on their dumbest outfits to co-hostess. Matt, for his part, still isn’t sure he’s ready to take back up with Kelly post-Lauren; will a couple seeking his help with a prenup make him more or less likely to believe in true love? Noah gets an offer from a restaurateur who wants to move into the Peach Pit’s location. Though he wants to remain loyal to Nat if for no other reason than that he’d have to hear about it from Donna otherwise, he’s also in the middle of his own money troubles: he’s three payments behind on his mortgage. When he tells Nat he’s about to lose his lease unless he can pay double his current rent, Nat (apparently) tattles to Dylan, who proceeds to insert himself into their business…soon to become his business. Things are going well for Claudia and David until she tells him she’s going to have to move back to Venezuela soon, following the expiration of her visa. If only there were another solution to green card problems that pop culture just LOVES to portray! Finally, Steve’s latest gimmick, pegged to St. Patrick’s Day, is offensive both to little people and to butchers. We explain how in our Again With This podcast on “The Leprechaun”!