The Loo-Ouch

Steve and Janet break their baby news to the toughest of crowds in our podcast on 'The Loo-Ouch'!

Now that Janet’s finally accepted Steve’s proposal, it’s time for them to tackle the matter they’ve been putting off: telling their parents all their news. The Sosnas are even less thrilled about Steve than they were before he knocked up their daughter; Rush is only marginally happier about it, though his acceptance comes with a lot of casual racism. Things come to a head at the couple’s engagement party, where Steve’s attempt to conceal his (absent) mother’s sexuality by passing off her (present) girlfriend as his sister somehow backfires disastrously! Meanwhile, Matt and Noah agree that the generous play would be for one of them to move out of the Walsh house so that Steve and Janet can turn the emptied room into a nursery, but neither of their girlfriends is quite ready to commit to shacking up with them. David can’t stop failing in his attempts to prove to Robyn that he isn’t a trifling jerk — that’s just the guy he plays on the radio! A chance encounter with a strip club manager convinces Gina that the best way for her and Noah to earn a little extra pocket money is to hire some exotic dancers for secret After Dark after-hours peeler parties. We hope you’ll be engaged by our podcast on “The Loo-Ouch”!