Toil and Trouble

Surely the way out of his financial problems is for David to engage in a little light embezzlement!

You know how David’s been having money issues all season? Well, it turns out solutions like closing down the club for a week and trying to make a racist band happen haven’t actually helped, and now shit’s really dire: he’s at immediate risk of eviction, which somehow doesn’t induce a bank to give him the loan he’s applied for! Noticing the corner he’s painted himself into, David gets really desperate, and makes a decision that’s really dumb. He also skips a big fundraising ball Kelly’s Foundation Foundation has thrown, but it’s probably just as well: no one there has much fun — particularly not Val, when both her beaux show up, and this time she can’t wriggle out of their finding out about each other. Donna manages to line up a new client who’s less interested in having Donna shop for her and instead sets her to organizing a séance. Also, Kelly and Brandon can’t stop boning in public and we are furious about it.