Trials and Tribulations

Dylan's revenge mission goes badly wrong and keeps getting worse.

Dylan’s junkie logic leads him to decide his roommate’s order that he get his illegally purchased gun out of the home they share just means he can wait until dark, put it in his pants, drive it over to the Marchette manse, and threaten its occupant. Unfortunately, Tony doesn’t live there anymore — nor, spoiler, does he live anywhere — and the freaked-out victims of his home invasion call his motorcycle license plate in to the cops, who quickly pick him up. Do they find his drugs on him? Of course they do. Kelly and Matt are already having tension around Kelly’s very obvious ongoing lust for Dylan, and Gina’s demand that Matt represent him doesn’t help. Meanwhile, Gina’s lust for Dylan makes her a likely mark for Dylan to manipulate her into sneaking him drugs. Dr. Steve’s Art Of The Pick-Up students may not be able to get their shit together when it comes to hitting on women, but they are very organized with regard to the law: they all take Steve to small claims court to get their money back since…he offered a money back guarantee. Matt gets Steve on a TV judge show, where he proceeds to take his star witness — successful pick-up artist David — down with him. Donna and Noah, oppressed by all the other people who live in the Walsh house, decide the answer is to try to bone at Donna’s parents’ house when the Martins go out of town. So much STUFF ensues that when Donna becomes the victim of a druggy Dylan accident, it’s almost a relief to see it end, even in possible tragedy. We’re talking “Trials And Tribulations” in our latest Again With This podcast on Beverly Hills, 90210!