Dylan slithers out the bathroom window and goes on the lam in our podcast on 'Withdrawal'!

Having — through sheer luck — not killed Donna, Dylan decides he is ready to accept his friends’ help in getting help for his heroin addiction. Unfortunately, he’s not actually on Intervention and has to spend a night waiting for his bed in a treatment facility to be ready, which gives him just enough time to wake up in the middle of the night, pretend to take a shower, and actually slides out the bathroom window instead. During the manhunt, Kelly fights with Matt about whether she’s actually in love with Dylan, and also with Gina about how much Gina is to blame for enabling his drug use; in both cases, Kelly is a bitch about it. Will Dylan survive to give his sobriety his best efforts?! Noah makes a match between up-and-coming pop star Clara and Donna, in the hopes that Clara will let Donna dress her for the BLOCKBUSTER ENTERTAINMENT AWARDS. Will Donna ignore her screaming self-doubts and come up with a gown that will get her good press?! Janet reveals not only that she has a dog, but also that her dog is purebred and promised to another purebred Doberman. Naturally, she entrusts the care of this expensive animal to Steve, the most irresponsible person she knows, so that he can meet a cute woman at the dog park and let Janet’s dog fool around with some dude’s mutt. Will this lead to a litter of mongrel puppies?!!!??!? We delve into these questions and more in our latest Again With This podcast on “Withdrawal”!