You Better Work

Now Wear This tries to come back strong from A GUY GETTING KILLED IN IT, but Gina's got other ideas in our podcast on 'You Better Work'!

Since Now Wear This has been closed ever since that homicide Kelly inconsiderately committed in it, the time has come for a big, splashy grand reopening — which, due to reasons we never learn, Donna and Kelly have not decided to peg to the launch of Donna’s menswear line. But never mind: “the buyers” from “New York” are coming four days early, so Donna’s going to have to sew like she’s never sewn before. Meanwhile, Gina is still holding a grudge against Princess Kelly, messing with her and Matt by “forgetting” to pass on Kelly’s messages. Matt makes them agree to be civil for his sake, but Kelly makes that difficult by not learning her lesson and leaving a message on Matt’s office answering machine about her growing doubts that running Now Wear This is where her career passions really lie. Obviously, Gina hears this before Matt does, and just as obviously, she “innocently” relays the news of Kelly’s itchy feet to Donna to mess with their personal and professional relationship. Donna and Kelly are so desperate for extra hands that they can’t refuse Gina’s help after Matt has drafted her to assist in the menswear launch, and so dumb they don’t foresee any potential issues in leaving her alone with a whole box of fashion show invitations. When Gina keeps the most important one and sets it on fire, a very predictable series of calamities ensues, culminating in the worst disaster of all: the gang dudes walking Donna’s runway in open-toed slides. Dylan makes good on his pledge to Lucy, applying to resume his studies at CU. Unfortunately, CU thinks he is bullshit, and Dylan finds admission isn’t something he can charm, bully, or buy his way into. After avoiding Janet for several days, Steve’s exposure to nature documentaries convinces him that he is willing to father his child. He then proceeds to freak out, then overcompensate, and generally make Janet long for the days when he wasn’t letting her down in her presence. We talk about all of it in our podcast on the disappointingly RuPaul-free “You Better Work”!