The Table Read

When new showrunner Anna turns in a sub-par pilot script, the cast members decide they might as well try writing a new one...about twelve hours before cameras start rolling.

Anna’s pilot script lands with a wet thud at the table read, even though she’s watched every episode of the original series twice! (Amateur.) The members of her cast disrespectfully announce that they’re going to scrap the whole thing and rewrite it themselves — despite the fact that none of them is even kind of a writer — but since Ian has made it his project to win Anna over, he figures out a way to bring her into the process, secretly, and understand where they’re all coming from. Meanwhile, Shay hires a PI to find out who leaked her unfinished song, and ends up finding out the extent of Zach’s shadiness. But is he also the stalker who is continuing to menace the cast? We discuss it all in our podcast on “The Table Read”!