Inconveniently timed labor forces Bessie and Grams to put a pin in their mutual animosity.

The more we hear everyone discussing Bessie’s pregnancy due date in the relatively near future, the more we know this TV baby is coming even sooner than that, and sure enough, he chooses a day when Bodie’s out of town, the Potter phone isn’t connected, and the truck is likely to get stuck in mud. The upshot is that Bessie and Joey end up at Dawson’s — initially just to use the phone, but when the community ambulance isn’t available to take Bessie to the nearest hospital, everyone has to swallow their pride so that Grams the registered nurse can come from next door to be Bessie’s emergency midwife. Jen also comes, to be supremely unhelpful. (What’s going on with Dawson’s parents’ foundering marriage? Great question, but they aren’t in the episode or mentioned by anyone who is!) In the sex crime plot, Pacey gets so excited about possibly taking Tamara out of town for a date that he discusses it with Dawson in the bathroom, both of them using her name; Pacey also does a terrible job checking whether they’re alone, so a stoner whose weed they somehow don’t smell hears the whole thing and immediately starts spreading it around. How’s our lovable rogue going to get out of this one? Grab a bottle of whatever you prefer and join us for our podcast on “Baby”!