Beauty Contest

Capeside throws a pageant. Dawson's not sure who should win.

Capeside is closing out tourist season with Windjammer Days, a town-wide festival of which we see absolutely nothing except the climactic Miss Windjammer pageant. Dawson thinks Jen should enter, which she takes to be a backhanded compliment about her vanity. Jen thinks Joey should enter, because her tips are drying up and she could use the $5000 prize as the start of a college fund. And Pacey thinks Pacey should enter, because his dad is ready for him to become an emancipated minor and move out on his own. Who will be permitted to enter? How will Dawson humiliate himself? And what Broadway standard will be slaughtered in the process? Find out as your two favorite Miss Congeniality washouts bring you a podcast on “Beauty Contest”!