Dawson sneaks a peek at Joey's secret thoughts and reaaaaaaally wishes he hadn't.

Dawson and Joey are settling into the new phase of their relationship in the typical teenager way: totally oblivious that other people exist, rolling straight from Mitch and Gale catching them making out all over Dawson’s bed to Dawson forgetting Pacey’s 16th birthday. Pacey gives Dawson multiple chances to redeem himself — including by throwing himself a party — but it’s Andie who actually comes through in the clutch. While this is going on, Dawson decides to help himself to a perusal of Joey’s journal, in which she’s written that she thinks his movie sucks. Cue the happy couple’s first fight: it’s “you don’t believe in my talent” vs. “you violated my privacy.” Andie’s newly introduced brother Jack shows up in the middle of this, not that we’re sure Dawson registers his existence on any level. Jen’s well into her nihilist phase, which means she needs someone to hang out with who’s going to join her on the dark side. Welcome back, Abby Morgan, and Abby’s bottle of champagne! While all this is going on, Mitch and Gale seek advice on their marital issues. Alas. Put down your blues guitar and join us for our podcast on “Crossroads”!