We know what you're thinking: "A dance episode? Already?" Somehow, yes.

Only two episodes in, and already it’s just overall a bad time to be Joey Potter. First of all, she has to be present for all of Dawson’s yammering about the romantic relationship that only he thinks he’s on his way to having with Jen. Also, she has to bear the terrible knowledge that Gale is having an extramarital affair, though at least in that case, she lightens her burden a little by telling Gale she knows. And THEN, there’s a friggin’ Victory Dance at school, and a football player/aspiring filmmaker named Cliff (a pre-Felicity Scott Foley!) dares to ask Jen before Dawson could…ask her over to watch dance movies instead. And when Dawson decides to try to shoot his shot around Cliff, he makes Joey come and witness it. It’s rough! Speaking of rough: Pacey, spending almost all his time trying to force Tamara to go against her instincts not to get arrested. Pour yourself some punch, then spike it, and enjoy our podcast on “Dance”!