People are going to prison, or France, or The Other Side, a new phase in their friendship.

Deep in the background, Pacey’s dad is not only still being a jerk to him but enlisting Doug to do it in his absence. But in the foreground, a lot is going on with his three best friends. Joey and Dawson are still very confused about their feelings for one another following the beauty pageant, so when Joey is offered the chance to spend the next semester in France, he doesn’t want her to go but also doesn’t feel comfortable saying why. Joey ALSO has to make the decision about going on either side of a forced visit to her dad, celebrating another birthday in prison. And Jen’s Gramps wakes up, yay! But he’s very old and weak and no spoilers but it’s probably a good thing he immediately goes back to the hospital for some tests. We hope you will decide to join us for our podcast on “Decisions”!