Double Date

When Jen tries dating Cliff again, Dawson gloms on, with humiliating results.

Dawson is still being such a whiny little bitch about Jen dumping him that Pacey tells him how he could possibly lay the groundwork to get her back: take her up on her request that they be friends, and prove he means it by suggesting that they go on a double date! This involves asking out the cute and friendly Mary Beth and totally not telling her what his actual intention is. (Remember: this is a person we are constantly being told — including in this episode — is “one of the good ones.”) After Pacey bombs his marine biology midterm, his teacher offers to let him make it up by doing an extra credit project with a student from another section. That student turns out to be Joey, who isn’t thrilled that a grade she’s trying to earn is going to depend in part on her least diligent friend. Finally: Gale and Mitch are still here, still struggling with her infidelity, and still boring as hell. Grab three friends to stay on theme while you listen to our podcast on “Double Date”!