Dawson and Joey separately introduce deception into their new romances.

Since Dawson simply cannot shut up in the back of the film class he is very much not enrolled in, Mr. Gold finally tries to get him to shut up by letting him be a PA on Cliff’s movie. Will Dawson’s constitutional inability to keep his thoughts to himself ruin his chance to parlay the PA gig into full access to the class? At the same time, he’s still very anxious to kiss Jen, going so far as to plan not just the music and setting but possibly also the dialogue, and refuses to hear Joey when she tells him THAT’S CREEPY. Joey, meanwhile, meets a preppie tourist named Anderson and decides to try on a whole new identity with him: Upper East Sider Deborah Kerr…….son. Deborah Carson! How far can she push her luck using the random facts she’s gleaned about Manhattan, a place we may safely presume she’s never been? Speaking of pushing her luck: Tamara. Pacey claims he strategically failed a quiz to try to weasel his way into having her tutor him and she agrees because she has a lot of issues she is refusing to acknowledge in a serious way. Pucker up (not you, Tamara): we brought you a podcast on “Kiss”!