Road Trip

Billy tries to undermine newly single Dawson by taking him to a den of sin: Providence, RI.

Dawson is being extremely annoying and maudlin about his first-ever breakup, and nothing Joey says can snap him out of it. But when Billy (somehow) hears about the split and reappears to try to get Jen back some more, she firmly shuts him down, forcing him to take the long way around: inviting Dawson to come with him to a bar in Providence where Billy knows the bouncer and thus can get his underage ass in. (Pacey comes too, because…they needed something for Pacey to do.) Back in Capeside, Joey accepts a lift to school from cool football player Warren (Eric Balfour!), immediately regretting it when he claims that he and Joey had sex. Then Jen gets an idea for a mother of a revenge plan. Get your motor running for our podcast on “Road Trip”!