The Kiss

Joey and Dawson kissed! How much and in what ways does this change EVERYTHING?!

We pick up with Dawson and Joey where we left off in the S01 finale: they kissed! They like each other! They’re going to talk about it a bunch, misusing a lot of five-dollar words in the process! But…what does this mean? Are they immediately boyfriend-girlfriend? Is sex on the table? Is Jen going to be weird about it — that is, when she’s not being weird about Grams doing a bad job mourning Gramps? Pacey has a literal run-in (of the automotive kind) with Andie, a new transplant from Rhode Island; after he poses as a cop to freak her out, she sees him at school and extends their relationship via Pacey’s latest crush, Kristy Livingstone (Ali Larter!). And Mitch and Gale are still on the rockzzzzzz….. No need to pucker up for our podcast on “The Kiss”!