The Scare

Do you like scary movies? Dawson does!

For Mike White’s second credited episode, it’s Friday the 13th! Apparently, this is an occasion Dawson’s friends have long known is one he likes to mark with scarifying pranks, and that telling him in so many words that they don’t like it will not make him stop. Given her new status as Dawson’s platonic friend, Jen assumes she will also be on the receiving end of some of this mischief, even though Dawson keeps telling her he actually had nothing planned. Cliff doesn’t have anything planned either, beyond just asking Jen on a date and then immediately getting stressed out about it because he doesn’t know if he’ll be able to live up to the standard set by…Dawson? (Again we must ask if Cliff knows he’s a character being played by Scott Foley.) Who will be at Dawson’s Friday the 13th séance, and what will go down? Find out in our podcast on “The Scare”!