101 Damnations

Sydney is, somehow, even more of a drama magnet than usual.

With so many people’s drama suddenly exploding into chaos, how is SYDNEY the pivot point? Well: she lets it slip in conversation with Peter that she slept with Kyle at the restaurant. Taylor walks in just in time to hear Peter confronting Kyle about it. And Kyle’s at the center of a lot of eavesdropping action: first, when an ordered-to-couch-rest Alison overhears Taylor admitting to Kyle that Peter was once her brother-in-law, which Alison goes on to tell Jake; then, when Sam overhears Kyle telling Sydney that the news is out about their hookup. Oh, and: Sydney is the victim of an obvious slip-and-fall scam artist played by Edie McClurg! Somehow, Megan’s arrest makes it to the newspaper of a large metropolitan city, causing her scandalized landlady to evict her on 24 hours’ notice. Megan self-pities her way through the next couple of days, moving into a cheap motel and leaving all vestiges of her life with Michael back at her vacant house for him to collect. And Chelsea continues to be a pain in all surviving Fieldings’ asses. Rejoice! We’ve blessed you with a podcast on “101 Damnations”!