A Brand New Day

Doctors are popping off all over -- including a brand-new one from Ohio!

Wilshire Memorial has always been a flashpoint for drama, and that has never been more true than in our Season 6 premiere. Peter is still in Carmel, sorting out his feelings about Taylor’s pregnancy and making a huge decision. Michael is entering into a devil’s bargain with Jennifer, so that she’ll convince her new roomie Megan not to turn against Michael. Matt has decided to do his residency at a teaching hospital in San Francisco, where Michael conveniently has a hookup. And Dr. Brett Cooper relocates from Cleveland to Los Angeles, apparently for the sole purpose of avenging Kimberly’s death. Then there’s the fallout from the Season 5 finale car crash: a couple of people are dead (one no one will mourn, and one we ALL will), and a lot of feelings are hurt. Kyle and Amanda have managed not to screw things up between them in the 12 hours or so they’ve spent boning all over her apartment, but now she has to go to New York and turn down that other job in person, because she got the hookup from her old mentor, who does NOT react well to the news that Amanda’s ditching him in favor of another dude back home. Wipe the sleep from your eyes (or just roll over and listen to your headphones): it’s our podcast on “A Brand New Day”!