A Bump In The Night

Coop tries to turn Craig against the Mancinis, and the glove business hangs in the balance!

We’ve said a lot of hurtful things about Coop, because he is a bad character and we have assessed him accurately. But one of the smartest things we’ve ever seen him do is try to get Craig on his side in the glove lawsuit by showing him the hard evidence that proves Coop really did come up with the idea first. When Jennifer is present for Craig’s deposition, where he truthfully testifies about it, she confronts Michael about what he may have gotten her into; Michael has her on side, but he’s going to have to do some fancy footwork to keep her there, which will be hard now that his attention is split between that and obsessing about Megan and Coop’s burgeoning relationship. Peter returns to the scene of Lexi’s hit-and-run and finds the victim, an unhoused person named Bob. Though he tries to keep Lexi from finding out what she did, even she is able to put the pieces together when the cops show up and tell her about the person Peter saved after some scofflaw ran him over. Amanda continues to be distressed about Kyle, and Taylor continues to be a brat about it. And as Sam continues killing her pitches in Seattle, Billy has a hard time finding reasons to avoid his very friendly new roommate, Connie. Did you hear that? Don’t worry, it’s just our podcast on “A Bump In The Night”!