A Christine Runs Through It

The Christine era ends with a squish.

Having accidentally killed Christine in the last episode, Nick springs into action with a cunning plan, and drags Taylor along: they’re going to call a suicide note in to Amanda at the hotel where she and Kyle are staying on their wedding night, then leave Christine on the tracks so that her corpse will be obliterated past the point where any physical evidence of Nick’s actions can be determined. And it works, particularly as regards Taylor’s agenda in the larger plan, because Amanda tries to conceal the suicide message from Kyle, then blames herself for her seeming part in Christine’s death. And Kyle is so determined to get her past it that he even enlists Peter to convince Amanda that she’s innocent before eventually deciding he agrees with her, actually. But the two surviving co-conspirators can’t help turning on each other. Billy and Sam continue boring us all with their infidelity, though their respective co-cheaters do escalate their interest (but just a little — the season’s still got four more episodes to go!). Megan, Michael, Coop, and Lexi are also all in the episode, but if the producers don’t care to bring them in sooner than three-quarters of the way through, and they’re lucky we’re mentioning them here at all. We stayed on track to bring you our podcast on “A Christine Runs Through It”!