A Long Night’s Journey

As Alison continues ignoring Billy's research about stalkers' behaviour, Keith's stalking behaviour intensifies.

Billy and Alison can’t wait for Keith to go back to Seattle and leave them to resume their very happy relationship. Alison’s just going to go out with him for one last dinner and drive him to the airport, no big deal. Billy has continued to look into stalking and its tendency to be visited by spurned lovers on their former partners, but Alison isn’t trying to hear it, right up until she goes to Keith’s hotel room and sees that, actually, he’s delayed the flight she thought she was there to drive him to; when she declines the dinner he’s ordered them instead, he pushes her onto the bed and threatens to sexually assault her. While Jane tries to excise Michael from her life, Michael can’t stop scheming to avoid the consequences of his cheating: he asks her to call off her lawyer; he tries to cultivate a laid-off Matt by getting him an interview for a job at the hospital; and he even butters up Sydney — who’s ostensibly come to town to support Jane — so that he can play Sydney off her sister. As Jake ramps up (get it) his motorcycle racing career, Amanda also revs up her engine for Jake, while Jo watches warily and tries to keep them apart. Let’s all take “A Long Night’s Journey” together in our latest podcast!