A Match Made In Hell

Coop continues refusing to get sham-married to Lexi like a real stick-in-the-mud!

It’s not enough for Megan to spend her waking hours stressed out about Lexi’s legal troubles and how easy it would be for Coop to solve them: she has to have extremely dramatic nightmares about them too! When Lexi herself fails to convince Coop with a practical argument delivered while casually stripping down to her slip, she realizes the only way her pitch has ANY shot of working is if it comes from Megan. Lexi’s ex Peter wants to start courting Amanda immediately upon her return from the Dominican Republic, fresh divorce in hand, but whoops, she and Kyle got married again offscreen. Is Peter too late?! As Taylor’s pregnancy continues taking up space in Michael’s mind AND house, he tries to resist caring about his imminent progeny, but the ultrasound blob printout he’s tucked into his wallet tells a different story. And while Billy and Jennifer are happily canoodling all over the complex, Sam gets increasingly upset about it — and considering how aggressively Jeff pursued Sam when she was still married, he sure isn’t being very patient with her normal human emotional conflict now that she’s mid-divorce. Thank whatever god you care to: we’ve brought you a podcast on “A Match Made In Hell”!