A Melrose Place Christmas

Some residents of the complex -- like Billy, Matt, and Jake -- try to make Christmas festive and fun. But Grinchy Jo, post-surgical Alison, and a kid who dies on Michael at the hospital risk ruining everything with all their humbugs.

It’s Christmas! But for a lot of people, that can be awkward! Like, for instance, for Matt, who has decided to cook a traditional Christmas dinner for the orphans at the complex instead of spending the holidays with his parents, since he’s still hurt about the way they responded when he told them about losing his job for being gay. It’s also not great for Michael, who feels extra-guilty about failing to save the life of a little boy accidentally shot at a playground because it happened on Christmas Eve, and now the boy’s mother will spend every holiday mourning her son. Jane’s not around to comfort him (she’s at her parents’ in Chicago, where…apparently they don’t have phones?), so Michael has to get his emotional needs met by the next nearest woman: good old Dr. Kimberly Shaw, his colleague and completely platonic friend. Jake wants to blow out his Christmas celebration to make up for all the ones his mother was too poor or drunk to give him when he was a child, but Jo lacks festive spirit. Will her bitterness about her former in-laws’ boozy Christmases spoil Jake’s holiday? Alison has her surgery and returns home to be nursed by Billy. However, even though they are one another’s BEST FRIENDS (ya heard?), he’s not sure whether it’s weird for him to get her a necklace for Christmas and she’s not sure whether it’s okay for her to need him so much when their relationship is, still, officially only platonic. Rhonda gets an invitation to spend Christmas in Aspen with Terrence, so if you were hoping to see her in more than two and a half scenes, Santa did not come through for you. We hope you won’t think you got a lump of coal when you listen to our podcast on “A Melrose Place Christmas”!