A Shot In The Dark

Once again, we are all asked to care about the fate of the jazz club.

While Amanda keeps the secret of Eric’s designs against Kyle’s entire hospitality empire, Eric completes his purchase of the KYLE’S/jazz club property, giving Kyle 30 days to exit. And that’s not all: he’s ALSO planning to sell Amanda’s new agency to one of her competitors. However, he doesn’t leave Amanda without hope: he will abandon all his plots if she will just do oooooooone little thing. Michael is still being harassed by either Kimberly or someone working very hard to convince him that they’re her. Michael accuses virtually everyone in his life of being the culprit — though not Craig and Jennifer, since his main complaint about them at the moment is that they’re not giving him enough adulation at the newly formed medical device company. Peter is happy to use Michael’s crazy-sounding stories against him in order to get his Chief of Staff job back, but otherwise his life is going pretty great. He can even openly date Lexi now, and enjoy total honesty in their relationship, because she has nothing to hide! Nothing she keeps in her purse that Coop apparently prescribed for her, that’s for sure!!! Also Billy and Sam are tiresomely planning their wedding and even more tiresomely arguing about how much it’s going to cost. We’re gunning for everyone in our podcast on “A Shot In The Dark”!