A Swing And A Mrs.

Nick and Christine's plan gets more convoluted without actually progressing.

So the last episode showed us that Christine was definitely alive; definitely wrote that letter years ago that Taylor apparently forgot about and had to go to Dallas to have Nick explain; and definitely was really injured in the war, she’s also in cahoots with Nick, against Kyle. In this one, we’re told that although money is apparently involved, and Christine doesn’t feel great about her part in it, and this is also kind of a plan FOR Kyle, in the sense of rekindling his friendship with Nick? But other than that there is a plan, we don’t know what it is, except that it involves Christine acting like she really needs a lot of attention from Kyle and is still constantly thinking about suicide — and, honestly, how much acting is involved is an open question. As A plots go, we’ve had better! Moving on: Lexi has moved out of Peter’s place, and (chastely) in with Coop. Megan is upset that Coop could throw her over so easily, so she heads straight back to Michael, and damn the danger of seeing him at the clinic. Peter, meanwhile, is upset that he’s still being blamed for Thomas’s death, and for some reason thinks Coop will help exonerate him. As Billy and Sam drift apart, Billy and Jennifer get close…on the dance floor! It’s for a campaign Billy’s working on, and it’s also part of a campaign Jennifer’s working on Billy. And that’s our pitch for you to check out our podcast on “A Swing And A Mrs.”!