A Tree Talks In Melrose

Santa's giving out a lot of metaphorical lumps of coal this holiday season.

Having learned in the last episode that Lexi (a) has a problem with pills and (b) ran a guy over, Jennifer wastes no time putting her intel to use on Michael’s behalf: she tells Coop she can get Lexi to release him from his alimony obligation if Coop will drop the lawsuit against Michael and turn over any relevant documents (which she still believes are fake anyway). Evidently, Coop is too focused on winning Megan away from Michael to think through all the implications, and agrees — so it’s too bad that Megan, despite talking big talk about her plans to divorce Michael, seems extremely susceptible to his love bombing via gifts. As Sam gets increasingly distracted by her long hours at work, Connie seems to be taking advantage of her absence by creeping ever closer to Billy (particularly to his lips). And though Kyle’s heartbreak over Amanda is making him even worse at business than usual, a well-timed visit by JON SECADA has Taylor hatching plans to save their lease…and also……make a balloon payment on their mortgage? We can’t promise to sort out all the real estate nonsense as we talk “A Tree Talks In Melrose”!