All About Brooke

A couple of Mrs. Mancinis re-team to take down the man they both love and hate.

Michael’s having a perfectly pleasant evening at home waiting for his wife to hurry up and die already when Sydney unexpectedly shows up and foils his plan. He’s so distracted pretending to try to revive Kimberly that he doesn’t notice Sydney stealing the suicide note for future blackmail purposes! Once Kimberly is conscious again, Sydney tells her about the scene she walked up on, but Kimberly denies she was trying to die by suicide: she says Michael poisoned her, and that if Sydney will help her plant evidence to that effect and also destroy her note, she’ll give Sydney half the insurance settlement. When the cops show up and don’t find the suicide note in their search of the beach house, Michael figures out who probably has it. Whom will Sydney be loyal to! Oh yeah: in the midst of all this, Michael also proposes to Amanda. It doesn’t go great. Speaking of Amanda: she gets Billy to ask Alison to give her a job at D&D, and it works! Amanda returns with a great attitude even in a position MUCH more junior than the one she formerly held, but also sets about undermining Alison with the help of her secret accomplice, Brooke. Of course, Amanda could probably just wait for Alison to screw things up on her own, as she is busily doing with Billy and…whatever their relationship is now. Jess’s attempts to worm his way back into Jake’s life (or possibly take it over) get a big boost when someone leaves their credit card at Shooters. Jess then gets to use it to be a big man paying for dinner out for him, Jake, and Jo, but Jake knows just enough about Jess’s financial history to be suspicious about how Jess got a credit card. Will Jo’s empathy for Jess draw her closer, and leave Jake on the outside of their relationship? Hear all about it in our podcast on “All About Brooke”!