All Beths Are Off

Taylor's forced to acknowledge where her short-sighted choices have left her.

Our A plot is basically a thicket of bad decisions: Amanda and Kyle going into the JAZZ CLUB business together! Jennifer impulsively outing her five-month affair with Kyle — because yes, she was the server he fooled around with in Boston! Alison drinking in virtually every one of her scenes and Jake defending it to Amanda and Billy! And Taylor going along with Peter’s domineering-husband role-play! For a while, anyway. The former employee’s of Sydney’s (RIP) are both getting jerked around by the shadiest men in their lives: Jim is trying to extort even more money out of Sam, while Craig keeps tabs on Sydney by treating her to a Palm Springs spa vacation she seems to see no reason to question. Denise reluctantly goes along with a judge’s order that Chelsea resume living with Matt, but on her lawyer’s advice, she deputizes Chelsea to start keeping a snitch log they can eventually use to contest Matt’s custody in court. Take off that sensible skirt suit and let down your french twist: it’s time for our podcast on “All Beths Are Off”!