Amanda Unplugged

While Jack clings to life, Amanda loses her grasp on her composure.

Inconveniently, Jack continues to live. Amanda is still keeping vigil at his bedside while also strategizing with Peter on how to get them both out of this, but when she tries to self-medicate with Halloween party shots, Peter intervenes…and then gets everything he wanted, if not quite the way he wanted it. At the same time, Sydney has determined that Peter and Amanda are doing something shady, and is disappointed when Michael tells her she can’t use the blackmail material she acquired by secretly taping Peter and Amanda in Peter’s office, over the phone. But perhaps Sydney has finally figured out she doesn’t always have to listen to Michael? Jane decides she and Richard should go to Hawaii for an “inspiration shoot,” to collect ideas for their next line. She starts to cool on the idea when he suggests that Jo come with them, rather than finding a local photographer, convinced Richard is just trying to maneuver himself into a romantic situation with Jo. She’s right, and her calling him out does not remotely stop him from executing further maneuvers. Alison is not feeling entirely comfortable at Armstrong Manor, and only grows less so when she tries a locked door and Hayley orders her to stay away from that room. “Casually” asking Brooke about it leads Brooke to give her a key, and more fireworks ensue. Speaking of Brooke: she gets caught in her diaphragm scheming, but the question of parenthood remains open for the newlyweds. Matt’s decision to re-enroll in medical school provides Michael with a new opportunity for manipulating his former neighbor. And Kimberly shows how far she will actually go to pursue a thrilling job offer. Plug IN your headphones and enjoy our podcast on “Amanda Unplugged”!