Amanda’s Back

Sam and Amanda's helicopter crash brings everyone together -- well, into one plotline, anyway.

Amanda and Sam’s crash site still hasn’t been found, and Kyle is DETERMINED to locate it NO MATTER WHAT and REGARDLESS of whose actually experienced toes he steps on!!! (Billy is also there, kind of circling Kyle and yapping like that little dog in the old Looney Tunes cartoon.) Anyway — spoiler? — the ladies are located and treated for their injuries, and it turns out Amanda wasn’t just whining about her back: it is seriously injured, to the degree that she may be paralyzed. (Or just have to stay in bed for a while because of Heather Locklear’s pregnancy.) While Sam is still recovering — and totally convinced by Billy’s version of Connie’s snitching about their kiss — Billy urges Connie to go see her, promising he didn’t tell her anything about…you know. GloveCo is thriving, but Coop still wants to get rid of Michael; soft-hearted and/or stupid Megan just wants him to ignore Michael instead. While Peter is occupied by Amanda’s treatment, Lexi lavishes her attention onto Bob, in a decision she almost immediately regrets, and will probably rue even more very soon. What’s that behind you? We’d never front about this: we’ve brought you a podcast on “Amanda’s Back”!