And Justice For None

Jo heads into the courtroom to defend her right to raise her unborn child. Her neighbours try to help, and generally fail.

It’s finally time for the custody hearing in which Jo will face off against the Carters. Apparently Jo’s lawyer has just trusted that the character witnesses she’s rounded up from the complex will be forceful and effective as opposed to the bunch of dimwitted tramps we know them to be, and puts them on the stand without, as far as we can tell, any kind of preparation or screening. So things already aren’t going tremendously well even before Alison gets way too drunk the night before her testimony and messes up Jo’s lawyer’s big finish (which…somehow was not Jo herself? Seriously, this guy just may not know what he’s doing). The reason Alison’s out partying too much and ignoring her responsibilities is that she’s picked up a drinking buddy — Zack Phillips (Brian Bloom!), a cool record company executive. He’s such a great distraction from her angst over Susan and Billy that he also distracts her from the power plays Amanda is running at the agency following Bruce’s incapacitation from a sudden health crisis. Jeffrey and Matt continue figuring out how their relationship is going to work now, and Jane continues not figuring out that Chris is obviously shady in the extreme. Order! Please be seated for our podcast on “And Justice For None”!