And The Winner Is…

A big ad-industry awards dinner gets VERY dramatic.

Amanda and Michael are back from New York and navigating their new circumstances. Kimberly tells Michael she knows he and Amanda shared a room. Amanda doesn’t think their dalliance should get in the way of her treatment. And yet…this guy does enough fancy footwork to get himself and Amanda to a resort in Santa Barbara AND Kimberly’s sign-off. Amanda leaves Alison in charge of submitting D&D’s paperwork to the Century Advertising Awards, and even okays Alison to “let it slip” that Amanda may be dying, just in case that shifts any votes her way. But when Alison gets there, she meets the charming coordinator, Brooke Armstrong (Kristin Davis!), who easily talks Alison into submitting her own account against Amanda’s in the same category. Having tried and failed to talk Jane out of dating Jake, Sydney manufactures a situation at a rough bar from which Jake will be forced to extricate her. But will this succeed in pushing them closer together? You can’t lose by listening to our podcast on “And The Winner Is…”!