Another Perfect Day In Hell

There's a crime wave at Melrose Place -- but who's the culprit?!

Someone puts sugar in Jo’s gas tank. Someone slashes all the samples on the rack at Jane’s studio. Someone breaks in at Jo’s and steals all her cameras and gear. Jane points the finger at Sydney (who did, after all, have access to the motorcycle and the garments), who denies it…but the crime spree isn’t over, and all the crimes do seem to target people Sydney considers her enemies. If not her, who?! Billy is concerned that Amanda seems run-down at work and even testier than usual, though she shakes off his concerns about her health. He’s about to have his own worries, anyway: Alison’s sister Meredith is in town, with a big announcement about her own sexual history, and an even bigger crush on Billy. The bigwigs at Wilshire Memorial can no longer ignore the possible mental health issues going untreated amongst members of their staff, so they order mandatory psych evaluations, to be co-ordinated by Matt. Kimberly tries to wriggle out of it by deploying her charm on Matt (which is probably something her evaluator would want to know about, actually), but it doesn’t work, which means her problems at work are only going to escalate, and Matt should probably start watching his back. Grab an icy cold drink and join us for our podcast on “Another Perfect Day In Hell”!