Arousing Suspicions

When Michael fails to respect Sydney, his literal partner in crime, she pays him back by spilling all his secrets to the last person he wants to hear them.

Things are going so well at Jane’s — and at the hospital, where Michael has returned to work — that when Sydney shows up to ask him to support her at her upcoming court date, he laughs her off. Michael apparently still hasn’t learned that he underestimates Sydney at his peril, because she goes straight to Jane, tells her pretty much the whole story about her work for Lauren, and tearfully confesses that Michael hired her to arrange for one of her ex-colleagues to seduce Robert. The sisters are reunited, and Michael is out on the street! …Well, back in the beach house, with his pills. On his way out of Jo’s to move into the boat, Reed learns that Amanda is rich, and immediately hits her up as a possible investor for the charter business he wants to start if he can just buy the boat he’s been hired to work on! Amanda seems like she may actually be receptive to his pitch until he gets into her personal space, but she still lets him take her out for a little ride, which is when Jo shows up and sees them setting off. She orders Amanda to stay away from her man, which Amanda is perfectly happy to do. But Jake is suddenly very interested in what Reed is all about. An emergency fumigation of Celia’s apartment building leads to her crashing at Alison and Billy’s, annoying the former when she has to wait for the bathroom, while the latter finds that keeping close quarters with Celia unlocks their creativity as a writing team. And a chance encounter at an al fresco dining spot introduces Matt to a cute guy with a secret. No, it’s not that he’s gay. He is, but there’s also ANOTHER secret! Also! We suspect you’ll enjoy our latest podcast, all about “Arousing Suspicions”!