Asses To Ashes

The end. Or is it? It is. For now!

The rumors about what really went down the night Kent Damarr died simply cannot be contained. At first, it seems like Eve just wants the truth to come out. But pretty quickly, she changes her mind and hatches a plot for revenge that involves tying Lexi up and dropping her in the tub before stalking Amanda and Peter with murder on her mind. (Why did she have to remove Lexi’s clothes first? Presumably so that Jamie Luner could give us all one last look at that bangin’ bod, and who can blame her.) Terry’s kidnapping plan is foiled by her own distracted driving, and everyone decides to let bygones be bygones — there’s no time for consequences! Jane tells Kyle about her pregnancy right before her doctor tells her a little news of her own, like when Jane actually conceived and whom she was sleeping with at the time. All this and more in our EXPLOSIVE podcast on the SERIES finale, “Asses To Ashes”!