Better Homes And Condos

Carter and Sydney get out of L.A., and get a lot closer to each other.

The less said about a completely nonsensical fight between Sam and Sydney over Jane’s former apartment, the better: the upshot is that Billy recommends that Sam explore her rights by talking to a lawyer about it, only to regret it when it turns out she knows one, because they used to date. While this is going on, Sydney blows town with Carter to visit important locations from his formative years. Are they sneaking off in defiance of Walter, or playing right into his hands? Jake is excited to show Alison the house he wants to raise their child in, completely oblivious to the look of abject terror on her face. While Michael is unconscious following his (latest) car crash, a hallucination of his two most recent wives seems to push him toward Megan. But when he comes to, Kimberly tells him she’s ready to accept his help through her last weeks on earth. Amanda has regrets about how things are going in her marriage when Peter tells her he’s rented himself a new place, and Peter’s good friend Taylor has problems with a whole new man: Kyle’s old army buddy Nick. Settle into our podcast on “Better Homes And Condos”!