Blind Ambition

Matt tries to do a little freelance PI work on his own behalf, with mixed results.

Remember the last episode when Matt punched Paul at the hospital and his lawyer Alicia was like “Please don’t” and he was like “Cool, cool,” and we thought he understood why such actions would NOT be good for his case? Well, in THIS episode, he’s just decided to wire himself up and try to maneuver Paul into confessing to all his crimes so that he can get it on tape. Alicia destroys the first, not-especially-incriminating recording Matt makes, telling him it’s inadmissible anyway, and when Matt pushes back, she agrees that she shouldn’t represent him anymore. Instead of taking this as a bad sign that he needs to sort himself out, Matt accepts an invitation from Paul to go over to the manse and just talk. Oh, MATT. Jane hires Jo to be Mackenzie Hart’s in-house photographer, even boldly inviting Jo and Jake out for a celebratory dinner with Jane and Richard. Somehow, Jane did not foresee Richard using this occasion to bitch at Jane, through Jo, that Jane fired his photographer in order to free up the position for Jo. But when Jo later lays into Jake for failing to take her side, it does lead to a breakthrough for the two of them. Brooke is getting increasingly aggressive in her efforts to keep Billy away from Alison. Though Alison seems to be respecting Brooke’s express orders to become more self-sufficient, Alison has her own agenda, and kicks it into a higher gear when her medical circumstances change. Peter urges Kimberly to put on a more convincing performance of criminal insanity when his hand-picked psychiatrist comes to assess her. Kimberly fails to win a psych ward Oscar on the day, but little does Peter know that it may not actually take much for her to start hearing voices…again. It’s okay if you close your eyes — that might just make your hearing more sensitive for our podcast on Melrose Place‘s 100th episode, “Blind Ambition”!