Blunt Drama

Nick and Taylor's scheme is revealed! Mostly!

Christine — or should we say “Christine”? — is ready to pull the plug on Operation Reset Kyle’s Life, but Taylor and Nick have invested too much in it and simply will not allow that to happen. The next phase involves “Christine” confessing suicidal ideation to Peter so that he’ll (a) commit her on a psych hold and (b) use all her professions of love to his own advantage with Amanda by telling Kyle and pushing him and Christine together. Unfortunately, Peter does only the first thing and very much not the second; in fact, he basically orders Kyle to leave Christine alone and marry Amanda as fast as he can — which just requires Taylor to escalate the situation further. Here’s what’s not really escalating: anything between Billy and Sam OR the people who have crushes on them. Sam panics after sex with Jeff and tells him it absolutely cannot happen again. But Jeff is ready to throw away his whole career for her! Until she tells him not to and then he doesn’t! Jennifer, meanwhile, continues mooning around Billy AND broom-dancing in her apartment, but none of that keeps her so busy that she can’t get a mid-episode bob for no reason. And while Coop tries to get Lexi out of town, Megan helps Michael deal with an unexpected windfall. We’re finding the comedy in “Blunt Drama”!