Boxing Sydney

Amanda is forced to confront a scary medical diagnosis, with only the likes of Billy and Michael to help her. GOOD LUCK!

Though Amanda has apparently spent the entire time since we saw her last trying to ignore what Michael told her about the lump in her neck, he is refusing to let up, and another doctor at the hospital confirms his findings: Amanda does have Hodgkin’s Disease. She resists Michael’s forcible attempts to continue necessary testing, bitches out everyone who steps in her path at the office, but finally confides in Billy, swearing him to secrecy. Is this a confidence he can keep — even from Alison, as Amanda expressly specifies? HMMM. Rikki gets Sydney out to the desert to a “retreat” with the rest of the Abbot followers, which apparently does not at all live up to the picture Rikki had painted of a resort-like experience. Sydney is sketched out when her assignment to perform the “tea service” exposes her to Martin, in bed with two ladies, and even more put off the next day when Martin orders his acolytes to write to their families asking for money. Sydney tells him she wants to leave, and he assures her she may…but is she, really? Matt tells John, the detective on his case, about Kimberly’s involvement in the attack and her ongoing verbal threats against him — though he also tells John that he doesn’t want to escalate the situation, and, when John hits on him, that he’s not looking for a relationship. John doesn’t really hear any of that, apparently thinking the way to Matt’s heart is through police harassment of his enemies. We take the gloves off in our podcast on “Boxing Sydney”!