Breakfast At Tiffany’s, Dinner At Eight

Amanda and Michael journey to New York to ambush the doctor whose study she should be in...but that's not all they do there.

Amanda having entrusted her treatment to Michael, the two of them head to New York so that they can doorstop the famous Dr. Steele and convince him to admit Amanda into his cancer study. But it’s going to be hard once Kimberly calls Dr. Steele first and defames Michael, claiming his ultimate goal is to undermine Steele’s study and get himself set up with one on the same treatment plan instead. And that’s just the disaster Amanda knows about: she has no idea that, back in L.A., Alison and Billy are eating shit from a disgruntled client, who demands a brand-new campaign with one day’s turnaround. After that pitch also fails to impress him, Alison tries one last gambit: a sob story, and not her own. Things are devolving quickly in Rawlings’s police brutality case. Jo knows all too well what happens to civilians who try to challenge police power, and only gets more terrified about what could happen to her after Rawlings’s victim dies. Matt volunteers to turn her photos over to the Internal Affairs detective and keep Jo out of it. How? That’s what we would also like to know! After having spotted Jake and Jane getting cozy, Sydney tries to suss out what might actually be happening between them by volunteering as Jane’s personal assistant. Instead, Jane asks Jake to give Sydney back her job at Shooters. Sydney is happy to accept when she thinks it means proximity to one another will lead to a reunion for her and Jake, but once he tells her it won’t…everyone should probably start getting scared of her again. Put the coffee on: it’s time for our podcast on “Breakfast At Tiffany’s, Dinner At Eight”!