Buona Sera, Mr. Campbell, Part 2

Michael Jr. arrives, into a whole mess of drama involving ALL his relatives.

Taylor having inconveniently gone into labor in the middle of a pounding rainstorm, the ambulance can’t get to the beach house in time and Michael Jr. is delivered at home, to his two biological parents and the blonde lady so desperate for her chance at motherhood that she’s ignoring every instinct a sensible person could possibly have and agreeing to raise him with the unreliable man with whom she first re-initiated contact last week. Taylor took her last moments as a childless person to INSIST that Michael and Jane agree to take custody of the baby…but she sure does seem crestfallen that Jane and Michael Jr. are getting along so well! Michael calls Jennifer to tell her she’s an aunt, but she’s still in the middle of getting dumped by a guy who doesn’t deserve her, and when Jane finds out Michael was involved, she orders him to fix it. On the other side of the country, Sam shows up at the radio station that probably started immediately regretting having hired Jeff, and begs him for another chance. What’s up with the kidnapping? Well, everyone is running around the hills getting very muddy (except Kyle, who is stymied by a washed-out road). Eventually, Peter gets Jack to hear sense, and Phase 2 of the plan — getting Amanda to think well of him again, through acts of physical bravery — gets underway. And we’d love to summarize what’s going on with Coop, Lexi, and Megan, but we actually have no idea. There’s a boat, and murder threats, and some very misplaced blame, and…yeah, your guess is as good as ours. Let’s close il libro on “Buona Sera, Mr. Campbell” with our podcast on “Part 2”!