Bye, Bye Baby

Oh, you thought things were dramatic at D&D when Bruce died there? Turns out that was actually just the beginning.

Amanda suddenly has some competition for Head Bitch In Charge at D&D when she walks into her office and sees JASMINE GUY sitting at her desk. Guy plays Caitlin Mills, an efficiency expert Peter has hired to shore up operations at the agency; Amanda is immediately suspicious — and, as with every decision Peter makes, she has good reason. Amanda develops a scheme to try to blackmail Peter regarding a pretty obviously fake drug trial he’s supposedly running, and maybe Caitlin has her off her game, because once again Amanda tries to leverage Michael, and we all know how that goes. ANYWAY: this is the snake pit Alison is returning to from rehab (and, despite what Amanda told her at Christmas, she also still totally wants to fire Alison), but Billy is really putting himself out to help her ramp back up. Unfortunately for him, the only ramp Alison wants to be on is the one that will get her closer to Terry — you know, because he’s really tall. Now that Jo has her baby back, she also needs a full-time nanny, even though as far as we can tell she’s not working at all, and also she’s planning to move back to New York, pretty much immediately. The perfect prospect falls right into her lap, almost like magic! Jo should have probably learned a lesson or two about trusting people who seem to be unselfishly offering their assistance with her baby, but she hasn’t. Wave hello to our podcast on “Bye, Bye Baby”!